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Has Anybody Seen  Snowball?


Deep in the heart of the magical forest, little Snowball has suddenly awoken to discover he has lost Mummy bear!  Follow his innocent quest to find her with the help of his trusty friends, Squeak the baby penguin and WitWoo the Snowy Owl.   

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“This is a beautiful book! High quality finish with stunning artwork, and a story that transports you into a snowy world of wonder. Great for children or anyone who wants a bit of escapism!"

Andrew Weekes, Birmingham, UK

Available now in Hardback! Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble or Purchase Here! 

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£14.99 Hardback- Available Now!

"Has Anybody Seen Snowball?" is my inaugural children's book.  It's exceptionally dear to me. It reminds me a great deal of the special bond I had with my Mother growing up and how much she meant to me, especially as she is sadlyno longer with me.  Snowball has facets of my personality too which I realised after writing the book.  The bedtime story walks the reader through a heart warming tale about an endearing little Polar Bear cub, SnowBall, who accidentally finds himself, for the very first time, lost without Mummy Bear.  With the help of his faithful friend Squeak, they find a way back to Snowballs' Mummy who in turn is being helped by her loyal friend WitWoo, the Snowy Owl. 


Many of us have felt it? When you think for a fleeting moment, you may have lost your child or grandchild!  It is that feeling I wanted to capture and a Mothers relief when she finds him.  As the book unfolds, other characters also step onto the stage.  Characters like WitWoo the Snowy Owl and Squeak the baby Penguin, who over a series of books, will become more and more lovable.  At the time I wrote this tale, I wrote it for my grandchildren, Jenson, Frank & Eric.  Since then we also have Alice and Sebastian.  I loved writing it, and during the process, it took me to a place that was kind, sweet and gentle,  away from the stresses of the modern day world.  The book itself will be adorned with  original watercolour painted illustrations and pencil drawings, created by the talented Artist, Ms Hannah Whitehead,  based in South Africa.  Hannah also created the artwork for the cover. 


Explore The Artworks! 

Click on any of the images to view a full screen version of the beautiful hand painted original Artwork created by the talented artist Hannah Whitehead.

Wing in paw, now nearing the frozen stream, they both started counting; "Three, two, one, jump!" Snowball and Squeak flew through the air, and with a soft, gentle thud, landing on their bottoms, immediately started sliding down the icy stream. Faster, faster and faster turning this way and that way, slid Snowball and Squeak, hoping Mummy bear or WitWoo might see them.


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