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Now dry, WitWoo flew downstairs and creaked open the door to his tree house.  Witwoo stared up at a sea of twinkling stars, stretching across the darkness of the wide, beautiful expansive sky.  Even after all the years that had passed, in what had seemed a blink of an eye, WitWoo still loved staring into the pin cushioned sky, and wondered what stars actually were?

Explore WitWoo's Artworks 

Click on any of the images to view a full screen version of the beautiful hand painted original Artwork created by the talented artist Hannah Whitehead.

Authors notes:-

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WitWoo is my favourite character in my latest book  He is a big, fluffy, fifty-year-old Snowy Owl that's past his prime.  Witwoo has a certain magical quality about him and a sereneness that I have seen glimpses of in my spirit, especially when I meditate.  I love him because he is unashamedly relaxed, solitary, forgetful, but immensely at ease with himself, and in his own way, he lives a rather extraordinary lovely life.  The book explores how all of us, from time to time, feel vulnerable, but are actually surrounded by more love than we first realise.


WitWoo is convinced that no one has remembered his fiftieth birthday.  In reality, his friends in the magical forest are preparing a surprise for him that he will never forget, and it touches WitWoo deeply.  The characters from my first book, “Has Anybody Seen Snowball”, are built upon, and one gets to learn why they are the way they are.  Penguin, Squeak just makes me laugh.  I hope to have it finished soon and published by the end of October 2022.  I love WitWoo so much that when trying to decide what to call the book, I simply decided to call it, WitWoo, in homage to him.  I think you will probably love him too. The Image of the book cover is just a rough drawing of one of the scenes, and once again the book itself will be adorned with 10 beautifully original watercolour illustrations, painted by the South African artist, Mrs Hannah Whitehead.  

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WitWoo hopped up his creaky oak stairs, into his wooden bathroom then ran the hot and cold porcelain taps, pouring chocolate scented bubble bath into his huge copper tub. The windows steamed up as WitWoo wrote his name on the glass inside a heart, then smiled. Hopping in with a loud wet plop, sliding deep into the warm bath until only his talons and eyes were peeping over the bubbles. The frothy water stuck WitWoo’s eyelashes together as he relaxed. Then a thought suddenly popped into his big wet head as he abruptly stood up! My word, if I’m not mistaken, today is my 50th birthday! I wonder if anyone even remembers? WitWoo dwelt on this thought and started to feel sad as he slowly lay back down in the bubbles.

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