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A little bit about me..

Born in the Medway towns within All Saints Hospital on the third of July 1972, I studied Art at Kent Institute of Art & Design in Rochester, then went on to take a Degree in Menswear Fashion Design & Tailoring at Northbrook College, Worthing.  I have always loved writing, I suspect entirely thanks to Mr Adams, my wonderful English teacher at Walderslade School for Boys. He kindled a love of the written word that has never burnt out.  I am very lucky to have found the apple of my eye, my wife Wendy, and together we live in our Farmhouse with our elderly Tabby cat Winston at the foot of the Waseley Hills.  


My Father was a dock worker at Chatham Dockyard, and my kind and sweet Mother was a seamstress. My Grandfather was one of the cooks for the household of Prime Minster Nehru of India.  I come from a  family of three girls and two boys.  From a personal standpoint, I love classical music, theatre and, of course, writing children's stories aimed at 6-9 years olds which tend to be appreciated by our five amazing Grandchildren.


A little bit about me..

Growing up in the 70's during the height of racial tensions wasn't always easy, but my Mother and Father, Anwar and Khursheidan, made the most out of what they had, and through their iron clad Christian faith, always tried to do the best for my siblings and I.  As a youngster In the 80's, ones days were spent joyfully playing marbles with other children on manhole covers.  British bulldog in the middle of the road, and going on long bike rides through the tall deep woods during what felt like endlessly sunny summer school holidays.


What I wish to do through my books, even if only for a few minutes, is to transport children to a place where they can daydream with feelings of curiousity, amazement and joy, in the same way my friends and I did, when I was a boy, when the World at least to me and my little friends felt like a happier, simpler place, where our imaginations were not replaced by mobile phones and the internet.

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